Mobilize Your Team with a Fractional CMO


The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a C-suite position. This key executive is responsible for aligning business strategy and marketing tactics to ensure growth and profitability.

Smaller companies may take advantage of having a Chief Marketing Officer as part of our service offering. You get as much or as little help as you need in the form of a Fractional CMO working part-time.

Growth-Oriented BUSINESSES

If you are seeking  more predictable and consistent growth, it is not enough to hire an agency to create an amazing visual. Nor is it enough to hire a facilitator for a strategic session. Predictable and consistent growth in most cases requires excellent teamwork between internal and external talent. This is where Charlotte Fractional CMOs can help.

We join your business on a part-time basis to help you make the most of your existing team, like a full-time CMO would. We also bring in top players to fill in the gaps in execution, be it in sales, lead generation, or marketing automation.


We partner with agencies that are interested in joining our list of selected providers to work with our clients. If you work in Charlotte, and are really good at what you do, please let us know. We are always looking for great providers.

If your agency requires quality account / project management talent, please let us know. Our project managers can work under your brand to help your agency grow with less risk, and allowing you to focus on more strategic objectives.


If your startup is ready to scale, but not ready to hire a full-time CMO, we might be a good fit to help you mobilize your current marketing team and take your product to market the right way.

  • If you need to get in front of investors, find a technical partner,  or create a stronger Pitch Deck, give us a call.
  • You can also build a minimal viable products at a fraction of the cost thanks to our relationships with software development partners. 

We also work with early-stage startups.   

Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you might be the only person responsible for marketing of your business. If this is the case,  upgrading your current marketing and sales strategy could be a life-changing idea. Small business is hard, but marketing a small business does not have to be difficult. Just let us help you.

If you have someone helping you with marketing efforts, we can help you manage them.  Properly managed people and teams show significant performance improvements. 


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