Why hire a TorchBearer Fractional CMO in 2017?


The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a C-suite position. This key executive is responsible for aligning business strategy and marketing tactics to ensure growth and profitability.

However, smaller companies usually rely on the owner or the CEO to coordinate strategy and execution; and the goal to grow is never as urgent as day-to-day operational challenges.

Thus, even in 2017, smaller businesses usually think of marketing as one (or both of) these things: 

  1.  A list of promotional tactics and techniques to generate sales. This includes building a website, SEO, pay-per-click, content marketing, inbound marketing, etc.
  2. Online and offline collateral to look "modern", which includes a logo, business cards, a website,  social media accounts and perhaps even an email list.

Such approaches are disconnected from business strategy. As a result, the company either grows very slowly or does not grow at all.

Businesses that want more predictable and consistent growth can hire TorchBearer Fractional CMOs. Unlike agencies that usually focus on execution or consultants who produce big reports, we join your business on a part-time basis to help you align what you say you want your business to do with what your business actually does, like an full-time CMO would.

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