Incredible group of people to work with. We have seen major growth with Mokafe since Charlotte Fractional CMOs joined the team!
— Edwens Prophete, Mokafe Coffee
Charlotte Fractional CMOs are the dynamic special forces you call in when you need a different perspective for your business. They do extensive research, understand many different business models, do actual deliverable work, and maximize your time as a customer. They have a creative, unique, and affordable consulting practice which works for early stage to large size companies. I would highly recommend them for anyone who can’t focus on growing their business, because they are too busy running the day-to-day operations.
— Kevin Giriunas, Advent Coworking
Working with Charlotte Fractional CMOs was a fantastic experience. We are an educational nonprofit pulled in many directions. Adrienne and Igor helped to narrow the lens so we could examine how to have the greatest impact. The sessions were organized and focused. I highly recommend their services.
— Anna Glodowski, Lily Sarah Grace
I appreciated how CMOs really listened to my business objectives and simultaneously stretched my thinking and provided new paths for me to get there. Having two people providing objective outside input on my business was valuable. My investment working with Charlotte Fractional CMOs has definitely paid off!
— Lisa Speer, Speer Creative Edge
I was working with Igor on a project for a while, during which he showed an outstanding ability to offer ideas and solve problems based on good information and sound judgment. The quality of work produced was excellent, including detailed written performance documentation that needs no explanation.
— Natallia Prakharenka, Interior Doors LLC, Jacksonville, Florida