benefits OF CMO

Crystalize strategy and drive growth

Our fractional marketing executive becomes a part-time member of your team to help with planning, deployment of resources and execution of a company wide initiative or a specific project.

What might your Fractional Marketing Executive do for you?

  • Generate market insights (assessment, competitive analysis, customer experience, market sizing)
  • Company wide or product specific strategy (branding, positioning, segmentation, pricing, go-to-market strategy)
  • Execution (making sure that the tactics used are aligned with the chosen market positioning strategy)

Obtain an on-demand perspective around best practices in customer acquisition, sales pipeline development, and marketing execution.


Let's talk about your business and current marketing challenges to identify the scope and desired results of a potential engagement. This session is free and imposes no obligations on either side. 

fractional advisor

In the role of a Fractional Advisor, a Charlotte Fractional CMO provides coaching and advice to your marketing or executive team.  The advisory role can be expanded to include facilitation of strategic workshops and organizing systematic marketing audits of your current marketing strategy.

Fractional CMO

In this engagement, a Charlotte Fractional CMO actually becomes a member of your executive team on a part-time basis.  It is possible to engage us to mobilize your marketing team, launch a new service or provide comprehensive support of your implementation efforts.

let us schedule a discoverY session to help you clarify your challenge and see if we could be helpful: