As the Founder for TorchBearer, Adrienne is meticulous with understanding how to aggressively market, competitively align, and grow her clients’ businesses. Adrienne will help your business achieve desired results in less time through her creative marketing and branding approach. She also has a keen ability to develop immediate rapport and can work a room like no one else I’ve seen — this just proves her professional approach and genuine sincerity to meet others and explore how she can met their needs. Highly recommended!!!
— Dr. Kevin C. Snyder, Motivational Speaker/Author, InspirActive Solutions, Raleigh, NC
I was working with Igor on a project for a while, during which he showed an outstanding ability to offer ideas and solve problems based on good information and sound judgment. The quality of work produced was excellent, including detailed written performance documentation that needs no explanation.
— Natallia Prakharenka, Interior Doors LLC, Jacksonville, Florida
Adrienne is truly an exceptional individual. She and I have worked together on a variety of projects and I find her exceptionally organized, efficient, and extremely competent. I don’t think she ever had a client that didn’t turn into a close personal friend. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She always has a smile on her face, and enthusiastically takes on any challenge presented to her.
— Doug Shockley, Marketing/SEO Manager, New Forum, Charlotte, NC
Adrienne Craighead had the experience and know-how to allocate my marketing budget with laser precision, cutting through all the stuff I didn’t need to focus on what I did.
— Sabrina Wilkinson, Renaissance Realty Services, LLC
I can’t remember when I have felt so strongly about recommending someone. I recommend Adrienne to anyone who wants to interact with a woman of integrity, knowledge and a dedication for making all around her successful.

She describes herself in her profile as a “selfless networker” and I have experienced this fabulous quality first hand as she worked tirelessly to link my daughter with the people she most needed to talk with.

In a time where we see so much self-serving, it warms my heart to see such an authentic woman in the business world, living her values every single day.
— Peggy Collins, Peggy Collins Enterprises, Asheville, NC