5 Curious Facts About McKinsey & Company

There are companies that inspire us here at Charlotte Fractional CMOs. McKinsey is one of such businesses: it is one of the best known global management consultancy groups in the world.


This company has been in business for nearly a hundred years, working with governments, non-governmental organizations, leading businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations. Their claim to fame is helping their clients find and achieve most of their important goals while significantly improving on performance. Here are 5 curious facts about McKinsey & Company.

1.       They are at the center of a network of 150 of the world’s leading technology companies

In order to bring new ideas, innovation and capabilities to the table for customers, McKinsey has increased its network of partners to include 150 of the world’s leading tech-product companies. They are also expanding their own technological offerings by including cloud solutions, industry-specific solutions as well as micro services.

2.       They tackle problems with the end in mind

They think in terms of solutions. No matter how complicated a task or problem at hand, first, they take a proposed framework of what the solution looks like. A framework enables them to form the structure of a proposed solution and then they simply fill in the gaps by research. The framework may have to be discarded and a new framework may need to be found, but this technique saves most of the time and stress involved with a complicated project.

3.       They’re creating awareness about their ideas through the right channels

McKinsey is appearing in the limelight by talking on technological topics like creativity and design as well as AI and Robots. Some of the leading trade shows where they are doing so are the Web Summit in Portugal, WSJ D. Live Asia in Hong Kong, World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

4.       They have experience studios and Digital Capability Centers

These fancy names are new locations that McKinsey & Company have opened up across the world to enable their clients to get a real feel of business and technological solutions. These facilities are there to up the user experience of their clients by test implementation of tech strategies.

5.       Designers, data engineers and coders are welcome

McKinsey is hiring these fresh talents. Digital McKinsey has more than 1500 of these young and energetic minds from diverse backgrounds. The diverse client base of McKinsey & Company makes it important to hire these individuals.