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Get Exposure and Nurture Relationships

With a little bit of effort (and some money upfront to pay for SEO costs) you can watch your website get consistent traffic. Unlike paid ads, your traffic will not drop to nothing when the work stops.

There are many reasons not just to have set-up social media pages, but actually consistently build your social media presence. The advantages include the following:

  • Social media advertising is cheaper than traditional ads or even Google Adwords
  • Social media achieves all ages and demographics
  • Social media gives you the power to learn more about your audience, their interests, and collect feedback.
  • It even helps your organic search results and email marketing activities!

Get the Word Out, Reach More People, and Grow Your Business!


Two social media channels, plus:

  • Communications plan to align with business goals
  • 20 publications / 1 blog post / month
  • Audience engagement through 1 contest/month
  • Graphic design / stock photography
  • Management & promotion


Includes everything from Option 1, plus:

  • An additional social media channel (three in total)
  • Involvement of your staff for better coordination of activities (offline promotion)
  • 30 publications / 2 blog posts per month


Includes everything from Option 2, plus:

  • Building a competitive advantage for your brand through actual customer reviews
  • Our staff may with your approval contact your customers to collect reviews on your behalf.

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